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Monday, December 8, 2008

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3 projects of LBi Belgium have been awarded during the latest CMS-Awards ceremony, Europe’s leading award honoring websites based on a content management system.

  • Silver Award for in “E-Gov” category
  • LBi Belgium participated in the development of the search engine of the federal portal site (based on Open Source technologies). Specific about the project is that the search engine does not only limit itself to indexing content. It allows for integration of government data from other sites through the use of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and « crawlers »

  • Bronze Award for Volvo Trucks Belgium in “Content” category
  • LBi developed a common CMS platform (bases on Microsoft’s Content Management Server technology) for all Volvo International sites, mainly using predefined and centralised lay-outs. This global CMS platform gives companies such as Volvo Trucks Belgium the opportunity to tune in locally the « look & feel » of the site and to adapt the content with typical Belgian information.

  • Public Silver Award for Axa Raadgever in “Content” category
  • LBi created a site for Axa meant for their insurance brokers. Goal is to support the 200 product information eager agents to improve their prospect performances. LBi has created several modules within the MOSS 2007 CMS solution.

CMS Awards

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