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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We have released a couple of major updates for Belgacom sites recently, and new effective sales tools have been also delivered based on original LBI recommendations. We also successfully won the global revamping of the Partners website and Telindus’s John Cordier Academy site; launched two new sites for Touring (The Young Traveller Award and Touring Summer Photos contest)and, check out the teaser action created for the new hot chocolate drink on the Senseo site.

The team has also been involved in pitches for Nokia, Gap and Banana Republic and welcome new hires Creative Directors Kurt and Yvan, Art Directors Paul and Mieke, HTML Integrator Davey, Java Developer Dieter, Flash Developer Martial and Web Designer Loïc to the team. Furthermore some senior developers are currently following an on-site Training on the latest version of LifeRay (Java open source portal solution), increasing the portfolio of portal solutions.

On top of that the IT team decided to reinforce his partnership with Sitecore, provider of CMS and portal software and is proud to have now 6 more Sitecore certified .Net developers!

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