Tuesday, February 13, 2007
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When you discover this site, you can really say that this flash man developed a very pecular relationship with his webcam when working on his projects. Soon to be seen in an LBi project…

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Belgium has developed a pandemic flu preparedness plan, which describes the different organisations and the role they will have to play confronted with a flu pandemic. Through the central site www.influenza.be all Belgian citizens can get numerous informations about what a pandemic flu exactly is and what can and will be done when there should be an outbreak.
Beginning 2007, the site got a very nice extra with an interactive e-learning session in Dutch and French oriented towards the health-professionals (doctors, nurses, hospital-personnel, etc…) but also very interesting for the people who want to know more about the subject.
The e-learning module is a Flash-presentation including a one hour animated video divided in three parts. Each section ends with a small pop-quiz to test your knowledge about the previous section. Doctors can even get accreditation-points if they complete the e-learning module.
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Thursday, February 8, 2007


LBi has been invited by Microsoft to their first conference for web creative designers. New technologies such as WPF/E,etc… (“the Microsoft version of Flash”) will be presented. Microsoft is currently developing new tools and technologies that they hope will revolutionize the world of online design!
Johan Wuyckens (Senior Designer) is currently over there and will write a post when he’ll be back, but till then, you can know more here

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