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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Michigan panel decides not to halt Upper Peninsula deer hunt

Michigan wildlife policymakers don’t plan to cancel this year’s deer season in the Upper Peninsula.(Photo: Detroit Free Press)MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, Mich. Michigan wildlife policymakers don’t plan to cancel this year’s deer season in the Upper Peninsula a place where hunting is embraced economically and culturally despite a plummeting whitetail deer population.

A Natural Resources Commission policy committee voted Thursday to recommend that the full commission either take no action or eliminate antlerless deer hunting during bow season. The latter option wouldn’t affect firearm season, which covers most hunters.

Commissioners, who were meeting at a Michigan State University facility near Lansing, set bag limits and other hunting regulations. A full vote on the hunt is planned for next month. Canceling the hunt was discussed but never a likely option given how it would harm local economies, eliminate recreational opportunities, increase hunting in other areas and could leave more deer to die due to severe weather. Richardson, a commissioner from the Upper Peninsula community of Ontonagon.
cheap ray bans "We don’t have to go all the way. It’s an economic and cultural thing."

Richardson said taking a more measured step, such as eliminating antlerless hunting during archery season, could be enough for now as wildlife officials work with public and private landowners to improve deer habitats. The antlerless hunting ban would limit opportunities for archers, but
cheap ray bans likely would protect the highest number of antlerless deer and follows similar efforts in areas of Minnesota and Wisconsin, said state deer management specialist Chad Stewart.

Deer numbers
replica ray bans have been dropping in Michigan since the
cheap ray bans mid 1990s, and the state is among many in the Midwest and New England that are implementing or considering cuts to hunting permits. Severe winters are perilous for deer because they risk running out of fat reserves and dying. Fawns, whose health determines the future stability of a herd, are especially susceptible.


Survey suggests Michigan moose population dropping

The news that canceling the hunt was off the table was welcome to Tony Demboski, president of the Upper Peninsula Sportmans Alliance. But he recognizes further restricting the hunt is necessary.

"We’re looking at anything that can help save the herd," he said. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.Articles Connexes:

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

cheap ray ban outlet can I stop bananas from turning brown

The cells making up the fruit contain many chemicals, some of which are called aldehydes. When you cut the fruit, many of the cells are damaged and they release aldehydes. When
cheap ray bans the aldehydes mix with the oxygen in the air they turn brown, and thus change the colour of the cut surface of the fruit.

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is found naturally in citrus fruits, such
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cheap ray bans can also be made artificially and put into vitamin pills. Either way, the chemical that slows down the oxidation of cut fruit is the mighty vitamin C! It is often added to foods as a preservative to interfere with the natural process of browning.

Why does it matter?

Compounds like vitamin C that slow down the oxidation reaction that we can observe on cut fruit can also slow down oxidation in the human body! Oxidation reactions can damage cells, proteins and molecules in plants, animals, and people. Getting enough vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can slow or prevent these oxidation reactions from happening. This is one of the reasons why vitamin C is so important. What liquids do a better job at preventing the fruit from going brown? What liquids would you rather use to keep your fruit from browning? Why?

Look for different acids on labels of packaged foods that come from the grocery store. What types of acids do you find listed on labels? Find out why these are included.Articles Connexes:

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Secret Service teaches Malia Obama how to drive a car

Green commits team for Portland Pro AmWestfield Vancouver mall hosts charity sip and shopA look at dads by the numbersAverage American woman weighs as much as man in 1960sCamas placed third in Class 4A in WIAA Scholastic CupSmelt season to be proposedDeadline on school funding planGrayson named Mountain West Offensive MVPLogin Sign UpWASHINGTON Some teenagers get driving lessons from their parents. Other teens are taught by licensed instructors. Secret Service.

Asked who taught Malia how to drive, first lady Michelle Obama told celebrity chef and daytime talk show host Rachael Ray in an interview that it was the armed agents who provide around the clock security for the family.

"The Secret Service, actually, because
cheap ray ban outlet they wouldn’t let me in the car with her," Obama said in an excerpt of the interview that was released by Ray’s program. The full interview aired Thursday.

Mrs. Obama hasn’t
replica ray bans driven herself in seven or eight years, she said.

She added that driving gives Malia "a sense of normalcy," helping her feel like the rest of her friends who are also driving. "And my kids have got to learn how to live in the world like normal
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When Ray
cheap ray bans says that the Obamas seem "so grounded," the first lady replies that her "hope is just to make sure that they (her daughters) come out of this thing as functioning adults, you know?"Articles Connexes:

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