Monday, March 30, 2009
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Bd Souverain 191

Don’t look anymore for us in the colonel Bourg street, our historical headquarter…
This week-end, LBi Brussels took possesion of his brand new office, located 191 Bd. du Souverain.

But you can just name it 1, LBi Plaza ;-)

Yes, we can !

Thursday, May 29, 2008

LBI team at 20 km Brussels

A team of 5, from Brussels and Ghent offices, has participated last Sunday to the Brussels 20 km. All have made the 20 km, but some faster than others ;-)
It was hard, but the event – 25.000 runners – was great and the team spirit was there… A great moment for all !
And for sure, LBi will be present next year !

Congrats to Kris, Bram, Quentin, Jon and Bart!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

WIF 2008


Last week a team of 3 designers from the LBi design team in Brussels has participated to the Webdesign International Festival 2008 pre-qualification competition.

WIF is an international design competition with design team from all around the world.

All teams received the same briefing (“Water is Life”) at the same time and had 24 hours only to deliver their creation.

And we are quite proud that David, Sabri and Anthony are one of the 40 teams finalists that will compete for the Grand Final that will take place in Limoges (France) in April.

Discover their creation :

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Today is a regular day but a special day too … Today, we change the brand to LBi
Letter has been sent to all prospects and customers,
Press release has been sent to most Belgian journalists, and are available here (FR / Nl)
Website(s) have been migrated to the new LBI (release 1),
Emails, business cards and mostly all corporate material have been adapted or is about too …
And zillions of small things are still to be organized…

It’s a new name, it’s a merge, it’s a change …
Any change is a challenge. Any change is an opportunity.
I strongly believe this evolution will benefit to everyone, whether in Brugge or in Brussels and put us in a very nice position towards the market.

But a brand is not only a question of logo. And our business is not only a collection of skills.
It’s a people business. It’s a collective result.

We have “received” this brand, it’s up to us to put life in it. To create an LBi spirit. To build a strong recognition around LBi…
Personally, I do believe in people. I do believe in us. And I’m confident we will succeed !

I would like already to thank you all for being part of this journey…



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