Monday , June 22 , 2015

Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses

By Damon
fake oakleys Herrin (San Antonio)

I bought two exact pair of these using the same exact link on amazon one year apart. in fact, i went to my previous receipt on the site and followed the link to make sure i got the same pair because i liked them so much pair, perfect. second pair, completely fake. mind you, still had the first pair, just wanted a new pair. so could compare them side to side. plastic was light maybe 1/3 the weight. lense was absolutely not rayban quality.

anyways, contacted amazon, went to the trouble of returning the fake raybans and they refunded my money. the reason for the
fake oakley sunglasses cheap 2 stars. first pair was great and would give 5 stars. second pair fake so 0 stars.

good luck seems like i shootin 50%

Quality Fakes! Avoid!

By Kris Petersen (South Windsor, CT United States)

These are low quality fakes. They do not come with a certificate of authenticity, have bad workmanship, and misspellings in the booklet/etc. Avoid avoid avoid! I really dissapointed in you, amazon.

but squeaky

By Ben

I received these glasses about a week ago and I love them. It easy to tell that they are high quality sunglasses. What I don understand, however, is why they make so much noise. That being said, this minor annoyance has no effect on the overall high quality of this product.

are the best!

By Richard Young (California, USA)

Ray Bans with the
oakley sunglasses replica G15 XLT lens are awesome! Better contrast and sharpness than drugstore sunglasses. More consistent than polarizing lenses (polarizers are never at the proper blocking phase and i consider them and transition lenses just a gimmick). And less expensive than Oakleys and designer sunglasses. Ray Bans are the best!By A. Boston (Boston, MA United States)

I been thinking about a pair of ray bans for awhile now, and I finally tried some on in a department store recently. I really wanted the black New Wayfarers, but of course because I went shopping with my mother, she had me convinced
cheap replica oakleys I needed polarized(otherwise you always hear that nagging little voice in your head). While I have no problem with
fake oakleys cheap polarized, I was not a fan of the 50 price difference.

I found this pair on Amazon(directly from Amazon, not a 3rd party seller) for LESS then the un polarized and I ordered them thinking they be too good to be true, that there was a problem with the listing. But NO! It was all correct. I love them even more at the price I snagged them.

A note on fit. I knew the color etc I wanted but had no clue there was 52mm and 55mm. Since
cheap fake oakleys they were only at this price in 52mm, I took the chance. They actually fit me perfectly. I (almost)30, with a round face
cheap fake oakleys and usually what
oakleys sunglasses I consider a big head. But the classic Wayfarers are just HUGE and make me look funny. So if the New Wayfarer style works better for you, the 52mm might just be your size.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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