Saturday , June 27 , 2009

LBi’s Chief Creative Officer, Chris Clarke, and computer scientist Lorenzo Wood opened Cannes 2009 last sunday and looked at how social marketing through service design changes the creative skill set, and kills the creative director.

Death of the Creative Director

>Opening presentation LBi’s Chris Clarke and Lorenzo Wood
>Interview LBi’s Chris Clarke and Lorenzo Wood

Marketing has changed. It has moved from locally-focused broadcast to global conversations. And this means the role of the creative director has changed forever. When shouting is replaced with listening, the old egos don’t seem to make sense anymore. The consumer has taken control and now agencies, those who’ve survived, are busy reaching consumers through their networks with clever tools, content and services which make a difference and improve people’s lives. And because most of these services make money rather than simply spending it, these agencies of the future are in the boardrooms shaping the future of the industry.

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