Friday , June 19 , 2009

LBi’s Chief Creative Chris Clarke will kick off the Cannes Lions International Festival Seminar programme this year. ‘The death of the creative director’ is scheduled for 10am on Sunday 21st June in the Debussy Theatre in Cannes. LBi’s Chief Creative Officer, Chris Clarke will be speaking about how social marketing changes the creative skill set, and kills old notions of the role of Creative Director.

Chris Clarke feels that marketing has changed forever. It has moved from locally-focused broadcast to global conversations, bringing with a need for more complex multilayered forms of marketing. When shouting is replaced with listening, the old egos don’t seem to make sense anymore. The consumer has taken control and now agencies must reach those consumers through their networks with clever tools, content and services which make a difference and improve people’s lives. Doing this effectively calls for collaboration, openmindedness and a feel for technology. The traditional Creative Director is ill at ease in this new environment and we see many of them retreating into a deeply conservative mindset and a position of denial.

In his speech, Chris will explore some of these issues hoping to goad the industry into a more meaningful response to the new realities of marketing than we currently see in the advertising industry.

LBi is also proud to announce that Jonas Linell from LBi Denmark is on the Cyber Lions jury and that Laura Jordan-Bambach from LBi UK will be speaking at 10am on Thursday 25th at the Creative Social event. Laurent Ezekiel, LBi Worldwide Client Services Direcor, will lead the workshop “How To Build A Believable Brand In The Digital Space” on Thursday 25th June at 15pm.

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