Friday , June 19 , 2009

After the tremendous success of the TA summer campaign 2008, Touring is back again with the second phase of this new action.

Touring TA Summer 2009

After gathering information on potential customers during the phase I (e-mail, date of departure in vacation, and destination), an e-mail has been sent in the language of their destination. Yes, we did translate this special message in 33 languages !!!! (e.g.: wolof, japonese, arabic, etc.)

A call to action will lead the customer to a flash minisite skinned in function of their destination.
And Yes again, we did skin 16 home pages !!!! related to world zones and main belgian vacation destination. (e.g.: France, Spain, Turkey, North africa, etc.)

Home pages contain :
- The explanation of product’s advantages
- A funny interactive video
- A testimonial video
- A foto and an object which illustrate the destination
- A send to a friend
- Some tips
- A call to action to the product page

This promotional action is of course supported by a huge bannering campaign.

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