Monday , June 8 , 2009

LBi Netherlands has won a SAN Accent (Advertising Foundation) award for the ‘Hello Amsterdam’ campaign developed for Vodafone.

The campaign was aimed at recruiting 250 top talents for Vodafone’s new head office in Amsterdam. The campaign resulted in an impressive 4,500 CVs being received, in a market known for its difficulty in finding the right candidates. All the vacancies have been filled rapidly.

The campaign’s strength lay in its local approach, creative use of resources and consistent repetition of the concept. The initial phase used bus shelters, billboards and printed materials to attract attention at 120 unique local venues. During the introduction phase, the campaign concentrated on promotional materials such as public toilet posters, Boomerang cards and beer coasters at venues popular with top talents. During the actual recruitment process, the campaign included banners and search engine adverts, supported by a clear campaign site. Vodafone also made a donation to the city of Amsterdam by sponsoring a special local art project entitled ’9straatjesROOD’.

Video compilation – campaign impression

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