Tuesday , June 2 , 2009

“No they didn’t really learn much” is the conclusion of a study from LBi’s Social Media team.

“Yes, most of them have a profile and some are even actively working with it!” At least that’s what most of them understood from Obama’s campaign. But on the other hand, they didn’t fully understand that this is a new medium needing a quite different approach and Tone of Voice.

Social media is meant to dialogue with your friends, fans or followers. Most of the politicians do not dialogue at all, they just copy & paste their ofline messages towards the audience. And most of these messages are even not relevant to the audience.

“Surely there is lots of room for improvement!” However, probably far too late for these elections… hopefully they continue to learn & try to understand this new way of communication so maybe they can make a real difference based on their social network activity within 2 years.

Graph French speaking Belgian Politicians versus Social Media Graph Dutch speaking Belgian Politicians versus Social Media
French speaking Politicians Dutch speaking Politicians

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